Originally birthed in October of 2000, Adwords has been Google’s proud advertising baby for many years since – and there’s good reason why. Adwords has not only faithfully caught the undivided attention of mass advertisers the globe over, but its very visual appeal and ease-of-use have made it a delight for all to use. Whatever your need or “niche”, Google Adwords is there to deliver on it, making your brand or business stand out in ways unheard of. How is this possible, you might ask? Well, there are many methods to the madness, of which PPC advertising, of course, is none the lesser.


First, PPC Advertising is one of the most used and reputable forms on the market today. It stands for “Pay Per Click Advertising”, a unique marketing strategy that hones in on each visitor click as a means to generate more income for the site owner. PPC Advertising can take many forms and carry out numerous campaigns, and all under different guises as well. Yet the way Google – the number one search engine, website and, essentially, online platform, in the world – does it is simple, and you won’t even have to break the bank to do it. That’s right: There’s no need to dig into Grandma’s old savings out to pull out every penny because, with Google Adwords advertising, you can choose – like the big boy or girl that you are – how much you wish to spend and when.


When Adwords first came about, there was some initial skepticism, even from within. This is expected, especially among future pillar inventions, which the service has now become. This broke grounds for Google, as a whole, because it allowed the company to no longer label itself a fully ad-free search engine. More was now possible, and innovators got to work right away. They knew this would be the start of greater things to come – a service that would move millions.


From each click a site user or visitor makes to each displayed ad, both Google and the advertiser benefit. That’s the beauty of it: Everybody wins. The site user learns of a new service or product that could radically change his life. The campaign advertiser, partnered with Google, gets a share of the profits from every click. And Google, of course, takes its own cut.


In addition, Google Adwords offers 3, 7 and 10 packages, used for its search results and derivative of them. Both the price and the advertiser’s search ranking are highly dependent upon them. It’s also no secret that the more you spend, the more you reap in the final collective harvest; in other words, the more money you put toward an Adwords campaign, the likelier you may be to seeing a good return on the investing. That’s simple marketing: You get what you pay for. Play the odds and take a chance because you may like what you get.


Time and effort are no less valuable to an Adwords campaign, of course, and these alone should go into half the battle. A proper investment with sufficient funding for the long term, prior planning, a team committed to success and the hard work it takes to get there, a proven strategy, perseverance and – of course – a proper knowledge of the workings of PPC and Adwords are quite a handful of top-notch tools to have in this game. Like with all business realms in this life, the more you know and the more you can control, the more you have. And the more you have, the better off you are. It’s that simple, and Google Adwords is one possible tool that can take you there, but remember: An instruction manual is useless in the hands of one who cannot read, and the same applies here.


Without the proper knowledge of how Adwords, or even Google, works, you won’t get far. Neither can you expect to succeed without making an investment and knowing what you’re investing in, for these two are the seeds to a strong crop later on. It all begins with knowledge because knowledge implies power and, with power, you can rule the world – or, at least, from the Internet sphere of things. But why not start there?