When we first started creating websites for small business owners, primarily jewelers, we were recommending that they go with GoDaddy’s shared hosting services, as the price was right (about $8/month).  For the size websites we were creating and the amount of traffic that was going to the sites, it seemed to work well.

However, over the past two years, it seems that GoDaddy has increased the number of sites that they are hosting on their shared servers (one example started with about 7,000 sites and two years later was at around 14,000).  This causes some serious slowdowns with our clients’ (and our own) sites.

We started looking for the best WordPress hosting at the best price.  What we found is that, in the case of WordPress hosting, you get what you pay for.

After an exhaustive search, we found WPEngine.

They were more expensive ($49/mo with a full CDN package), but well worth it.  (As a quick note, since we have a ‘bulk’ package with them we are able to provide their world-class WordPress hosting at a huge discount.  It’s the exact same service, just at a discounted price).

Anyway, they have amazing service and the speed increase on the websites is incredible.

Here is an example of the most recent site move and the speed increases that the client is getting.

Before (GoDaddy Shared Hosting):


After (WPEngine Hosting):


With the speed of websites becoming ever more important in Google’s search algorithm, it’s definitely important to have a super-fast website and
WPEngine’s ‘Rolls-Royce’ hosting is highly recommended. Visit their website or contact us if you are interested in moving your WordPress installation to this amazing WordPress hosting platform.