10 Marketing Split Test Emails

Hi, this is Jeff Arnold with Four Spot Marketing. We’re going to talk about the 10. marketing Split Test Email campaign. This campaign is going to allow you to split test your emails very easily to determine which email is going to be most effective, and then you can set PlusThis so that it automatically selects the winning email so that all future people going through this campaign would then get the most effective email that you have set up.

The way this works is, you enter the campaign, they go into the Start button. Inside of here, we’re going to wait for the HTTP POST. This HTTP POST is inside of PlusThis, and what it’s going to do is automatically assign a tag to that person as to whether they’re going through Sequence 1 or Sequence 2. If they are in Sequence 1, they will then go through here and get the email sequences that you have set up with whatever verbiage and subject lines under Test Group 1. Inside of…if they get selected for Email 2, they’re going to go in here and get all of the emails that are being split test for Sequence 2.

If they are successful in converting, whatever that conversion may be, a purchase or signing up on a web form, they will get a tag that applies that they have been a successful conversion. This will allow you to track, inside of Infusionsoft, all of the people who have gone through Sequence 1 or Sequence 2, how many have been successful, so you can track success on your own. Additionally, inside of PlusThis, they will have a dashboard that will allow you to see the success as well. Once we run through these campaigns, we press the Stop button, and then we have the Stop Sequence here.

The way we configure the PlusThis campaign is, we want to go into the Library, we want to search for Split and click on Split Test Emails. That will open up this page. Inside of this page, we are simply going to apply the tag for the split test that we want. So, for the first one we have, Split Test Sequence 1, which is going to apply this tag to run them through this sequence. The other option is 2. We’re going to have this one. If you have multiple, say you have three, or four, or five different emails you want to split test, you can continue to add them by applying a tag that would simply be replicating these sequences. So, you would create another tag sequence, tag sequence for the additional options you want.

In this case, we’re just setting up two emails that we’re going to split test. If they’re successful here, this is the Success tag that we apply. Again, that’s here. And then, after a number of successful conversions, we’re going to automatically select the winning email sequence. So, you get to determine how many conversions are determined to be a positive outcome, where you now want to serve that email to everybody. So, if you go through, and say the first 100 people go through this sequence, and you get 4 people that convert on Sequence 1 and 15 that convert on Sequence 2, PlusThis is going to say, “Okay, Sequence 2 has won.” That is the most effective sequence you have. So now, any future people coming through this sequence are going to be served Sequence 2.

So, now what we want to do is, we’re going to copy the name of the campaign. We want to copy that, paste it in here so that we know where this PlusThis feature is being utilized inside of our Infusionsoft system. We’re going to save this and it’s going to give us an HTTP POST that we’re able to utilize. So, now what we want to do is, we want to go in here. We want to grab this HTTP POST, copy that, and then paste it inside of this sequence here so that we can now effectively track those people. So, we paste that here, click Draft back to Ready, and then your campaign would be up and running and ready to go to start doing your split tests of your emails. Inside of PlusThis, you can see there’s a split test report that’s going to tell how many people went through the test, how many converted, and your conversion percentage. And so, you can track that inside of PlusThis as well.

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