Most online jewelers seem to understand the importance search engine optimization has on web traffic, but it’s amazing how many don’t take the initiative to implement the basic tactics. The few that do, are genuinely happy with the results. Sometimes even having to restructure the way they do business, due to an influx of customers.

There are a ton of strategies involved in growing and building organic search traffic for jewelry stores. Three important strategies to think about when you are planning out your search position are local search, content creation and also site-wide optimization.


Local Search is Imperative for Jewelry Stores

When considering SEO for jewelry stores, local search strategy is by far the most crucial factor to think about. Local search is such a key factor because with modifications to search engines and mobile services, how the search engines return results is constantly changing. More than 20% of online queries contain local keywords and even more of those queries contain some form of local intent. This adds up to approximately 3 billion of Google’s monthly searches have local intent. This is big news for jewelry store SEO.

Mobile search uses its own methods based on user locations, search engine results have become more and more customized to your business location. When appropriate planning and defined targeting is implemented, your business will be able to gather search results that you may no longer have access to due to these constant changes. Local search is the next virtual goldmine!

Utilizing 4Spot Marketing’s SEO strategies, we can team up to grow your jewelry store’s digital presence in your area.


Optimization is Crucial for Online Jewelry Stores

When speaking in terms of SEO for jewelry stores, optimizing elements in your written content, on your page, or on your site is at the core. One vital optimization tool that is consistently overlooked is image optimization. Since images on web pages and banners are constantly being changed due to specials, seasons, holidays, and other events, they end up not being optimized for search. This is a big mistake.

Many believe coming up with creative, keyword-rich file names is very time consuming, but it’s critical for image optimization. Other serious optimization processes like site structure modifications, site migrations, description tag changes and duplicating mass titles really don’t take that much effort to create. With a complete overview of your website, all technical problems can be diagnosed and handled very quickly.

At 4Spot Marketing, we will work to improve and fine-tune all major technical issues before beginning to engage in extensive digital planning, including substantial jewelry content marketing and user engagement improvement.


Content Creation for Jewelry Stores

Content creation is your most valuable SEO marketing tactic. You may have noticed that the majority of online jewelry stores don’t create visually appealing pages that aren’t distracted by content and descriptions. This hasn’t really been an issue up until now, as content is becoming more and more of a determining factor to search engine result pages. Now more than ever, sites are being affected in search rankings due to mediocre quality content being found on their pages. As search engines continue to change their guidelines around the accuracy and quality of web content, search results have been affected as well.

Many people want to know which is most important to their jewelry store marketing strategy – quantity or quality content. The answer is technically both. Updated, first-rate content on a consistent basis is the key to successful business SEO. When the goal is to drive traffic to your website, you have to build up a significant amount of content that covers that covers a variety of topics. This will increase the chances of your jewelry store being shared on social media and ranking higher on the search engines.

4Spot Marketing’s Content Team, will be there each step of the way to build amazing web content for all your jewelry descriptions and pages. We utilize every possible tool to come up with the best jewelry store marketing strategy around.