If you’ve been part of the digital marketing industry for a while now, then you are certainly aware of the immense power that Podcasts have. So have you asked yourself why you’ve never started your own podcast before?

Podcasts are the future

In fact, the stats say it all. A study conducted by Edison research revealed that a whopping 58 percent of listeners dedicate at least one to five hours of a week to actively listening to podcasts of their choice.

That’s a pretty high number. But such a statistic shouldn’t even come as a surprise. Most people live hectic, overwhelmed lives. The only way they can stay on track and be competitive is to have something noteworthy to listen to.

Understanding the shift and trend

In fact, listening to podcasts allows individuals to effectively learn stuff that the average classroom environment just can’t provide anymore. Picture this; you’re working a 9-5 job and also have an e-commerce store that you run on the side.

Of late, your store hasn’t been doing so well, and you would like some great tips to boost its SEO and conversion rate. Yep, there are all sorts of books out there you can buy and yada yada. But after work, you’ve got to take care of the kids and put them early in bed. By the time you get some ‘me’ time, it’s midnight and your cooped!

The thought of evening picking up a book makes your stomach sick. But wait a minute, isn’t there a weekly podcast aired by 4SpotMarketing that keeps you up to date with the latest tips for improving your SEO strategies and AdWords campaigns?

And listening is something we’re naturally inclined to do. It’s easy; at times, we even do it subconsciously!

Heck, take a look at some other interesting facts about the impressive power of Podcasting!

About 42 million Americans are tuned into podcasts weekly

The average working person listens to about five podcasts every week

85 percent of listeners online are tuned in to a podcast

Podcasts have both active men and women listeners, and the numbers of both gender listeners is increasing exponentially

This simply means that no matter what your area of interest is, there is always an audience that will be more than happy to listen to what you have to offer.

So if you are a savvy and experienced digital marker, you should not only listen to podcasts. Instead, you should go out there and quest post on podcasts; or even start your own podcast too!

Boosting brand reputation and SEO

Guest posting on a podcast is one of the most effective SEO tactics out there. Not only does it improve your content marketing, but also gives you the opportunity to improve your rankings and ultimately attract or reach out to new customers.

So whenever you appear as a guest on someone’s podcast, think of it as an effective brand-building strategy. How do you do this?

Represent your brand with confidence

If you’ve earned an invite, then it means you must be doing something right with your business or topic of interest.

For example, if you’re working for a lead company in your area of interest, you can proudly call yourself an influencer. You can start spreading your name by doing the following:

  • Accepting invites to guest blog on a number of leading industry podcasts
  • Conversing at conferences; both local and national
  • Creating your own webinars
  • Expanding your social media reach
  • Creating unique content on your websites that gets plenty of views as well as shares
  • Creating high-quality videos focusing on your industry

If you’ve been an active listener of podcasts for a while now, you’ll notice that most podcasts will request listeners to check out the guest poster’s website for more information, and will even attach a link. This way, you can inevitably expose your business to hundreds, if not thousands of more customers!

Hence, isn’t the importance of podcasting a little clearer now? If you’d like to get started with podcasting to improve your SEO and overall brand awareness, contact 4SpotMarketing today. You can email us at Info@4SpotMarketing.com or call us at 702-721-9763. We offer a free consultation to determine what approach will serve your company best.