In an initial blog on Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft by Keap) consulting, we touched base on some of the awesome products of Keap, and how they can elevate your business to the next level. Since we didn’t cover everything, we’re pretty sure we left some young hungry entrepreneurs out there yearning for more, right? Well, buckle up because today, we’re going to talk about the whole shebang. That’s right; we’ll discuss each and every subtle detail about the high-quality products that Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft by Keap) software holds. Are you guys ready? Great! Then let’s get started!

  1. Multiple Integrations

In a high-pressure business environment, it’s a given that your employees will need to switch between multiple tasks, at the same time ensuring that these processes run as smoothly as possible. Heck, when you’re exchanging communication at such a fast rate, the last headache you would want is connection failure between multiple systems, right? It can be a total nightmare! Not to mention how much money your business would lose in such a short time. However, thanks to Keap’s amazing integrations, you can make connections between systems work with minimum hassle. In fact,Keap’s API enables you to code the systems that you have in place to work together easily; and enable third-party applications to communicate and exchange data for multiple uses.

  1. Easier Payments

Are you tensed about the payment methods you have when it comes to your business? Well, Keap lets you rest easy when it comes to credit card transactions.

With the quick and simple smart card reader, you can say goodbye to inconsequential delays, and begin accepting credit card payments immediately with the amazing EMV card reader. In fact, it takes roughly 10 minutes to be up and running, with no extra setup fees; and further accepts worldwide brands such as Discover, American Express and MasterCard.

It’s also quite affordable, with an extremely low flat rate fee of 2.9% +$0.30 for every transaction. Once the transaction has taken place, the funds take only 48 hours to clear, and you can determine how frequent you would like funds to be deposited to easily manage your finances.

  1. Excellent Online Sales

Imagine having all the essential e-commercial tools in one basket. Well, Keap’s array of customizable templates will put you at the forefront of building your business. This way, your customers can check out your shopping cart with ease.

In fact, your customers won’t have to worry about getting spam emails about something they’ve already purchased. With Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft by Keap), you can get instant communication on every purchase reported back to the CRM, which is then stored with that customer’s profile. This way, you can be able to create target-oriented promotions that your customers will adore!

  1. Sales Automation

Folks, it’s time to make your sales process simpler and maximize on your revenue. Thanks to Keap’s lead scoring, you can assess the likelihood of a prospect purchasing your product based on their behavior. And best of all, you can run it in the background  as you get to chase on newer, higher-priority leads that can be added to your daily call list, for greater revenues.

  • First of all, you can automatically assign a score depending on the tags you have created for a given contact according to their activities.
  • You can further adjust time settings to customize your business for maximum results.
  1. Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft by Keap) Advanced Mobile App

It’s a given that most Internet users today are on their mobile phones. In fact, having an amazing tool such as the Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft by Keap) Mobile App will definitely improve your productivity and help you make more connections as your day goes by; easily watching everything comprehensively on-screen.

Here’s how you can do so with the Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft by Keap) mobile app;

  • For seamless data flow, you can easily sync your desktop application to your mobile app and receive updates in real time.
  • With your mobile app, you can view customer records in real time and even send a quote for a given order while you are on the go.
  • You can then tell which tasks have been completed and proceed to accomplish them throughout the day.
  1. State-of-the-art Marketing Automation

You don’t have to waste precious minutes trying to convince every lead. In fact, thanks to Keap’s campaign builder, you can achieve quality engagement without breaking your back! With the campaign builder, you can create ideal marketing campaigns with an interactive interface, having the freedom to execute them time after time. And the best thing is that you have creative expression, thanks to excellent features such as:

  • Ability personalize your messages to each and every one of your contacts as well as sending them automatically,
  • You can further trigger calls, emails and other actions by simply viewing the behavior of your contacts.
  • With the campaign builder, you can further create high quality landing pages
  • You can effortlessly modify and monitor your campaigns any place, any time and determining what works best for you!

Easy Analytics Monitoring

With Keap’s marketing reports, you can store large amounts of data of which you can analyze to get a real image of how your business is moving along. In fact, all the key information that you need can be found through;

  • Going through conversion reports and lead source
  • Find out which leads are opening emails, completing web forms, and clicking links.
  • Take snapshots of the marketing campaigns that are performing at their best.

This way, you can take pre-emptive measures to ensure your improve your revenue and have your return of interest raised exponentially based on the current efforts of your marketing strategy.

So now that we have covered all the essentials of Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft by Keap) CRM software, don’t you think its high-time you incorporated it in your business? With our amazing Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft by Keap) Consulting services, you can cut the learning curve fast, and enjoy all the immense benefits that CRM technology has to offer for your business.




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  • Multiple Integrations
  • Easier Payments
  • Excellent Online Sales
  • Sales Automation
  • Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft by Keap) Advanced Mobile App

State-of-the-art Marketing Automation