The top six essential keyword categories every online jewelry store should know!

When your business deals with high-end clients, being specific is something that needs to be part of your arsenal. That’s because you are dealing with busy people; who are perhaps in the middle of sealing deals worth millions of dollars that day! So can you imagine how strapped for time they are while going about their daily businesses? Do you think they’ll have the time to peruse through your catalogues to find their ideal match?

For example, jewelry stores are one of the entrepreneurial endeavors that will have you rubbing shoulders with both Hollywood and Corporate elite. And in order to impress them, you’ll need to have an effective marketing model that is straight to the point, with no fluff involved. One thing we have to understand is that jewelry is a highly competitive online industry, and you have to make the best out of it with decisive keywords that will put you at the apex of search engines.

So how do you identify the ideal search terms that will work best for your jewelry store? How do you find the right keywords when it comes to AdWords marketing for jewelry stores? Today, we’re going to have a look at some essential categories that you need to keep in mind when searching for the ideal keywords for your business.

  1. Occasion– As we all know, jewelry is pretty unique and it carries quite a significant meaning for the recipient. Whether it’s Valentine’s Day (which is coming up pretty soon folks!) a wedding, or even your child’s prom, it’s important that your loved ones accessorize with something unique and special. Hence, depending on the occasion, your clients will be looking for the right jewelry to complement their big day. So knowing a specific season, say prom, will help you develop keywords geared to that given event.
  2. Materials-Each and every customer has a unique taste that they would love to express. In fact, diversity is what makes the jewelry industry such a booming market. For some, they love to express their savoir faire by purchasing December birthstone. While others have their preference in gemstone or pink quartz. Whatever your clients’ tastes are, you can gear your keywords towards them and bring more organic leads to your e-commerce store, subsequently resulting in higher conversions!
  3. Know your customer demographic-Just like any other business, you need to know the ins and outs of your customers’ demographics. For example, you might be running a jewelry store that is tailored to meet the needs of women and girls; or maybe you’ve decided to focus on nicking conversions with the upper echelon of corporate America. All in all, you need to understand what makes them tick, so that you can have the right keywords that will draw these potential clients towards you.
  4. Know your seasons– The beauty of running your own business is that you can be able to adapt your marketing model to target a specific audience depending on the season. For example, during spring when each and every flower is sprouting its magical abundance around, most jewelry enthusiasts love to be one with nature. So you’ll find some shoppers going for a wide array of sapphires to complement that natural feel. Or maybe they’ll fall in love with something that will reflect the beauty of the season. So whether it’s summer, winter (there’ll definitely be ice-lovers around), autumn or spring, you should target your keywords along these lines.
  5. Find those trending colors- Keeping tabs with what’s trending is one way to ensure you generate more leads and subsequently get higher conversions. For example, jewelry diversifies a lot depending on the kind of colors that a given demographic adores. Today, the young generation tend to have a silver and white preference to their jewelry; while the grown folk prefer to keep the traditional gold and chrome colors to showcase their sophistication. Either way, it’s in your advantage to search keywords pertaining to what’s hip, as well as the classic look that the older generation adores.
  6. Special features- It’s every shopper’s paradise to find that unique design that suits them. Heck, isn’t it human nature to want to stand out from your peers? Therefore don’t be surprised when some clients go for adjustable to preferable and vice versa when it comes to special features for their jewelry. And if you know this little secret, you can tailor your keywords to get the attention of a larger customer audience.

So now that we’ve outlined six amazing categories for you to gear your SEO towards, don’t you think it’s high time you clinched that no.1 spot on Google? It’s definitely an exhilarating journey that will bear rewarding fruit once you hit the ground running with it. And in case you feel like you might slip and fall, we’re here to help you right back up where you belong!


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  • Occasion
  • Materials
  • Know your customer demographic
  • Know your seasons
  • Find those trending colors
  • Special features