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I have been working with 4Spot for months now and have had the absolute best experience. I prefer working with companies that don’t let anything slip through the cracks (I hate having to watch over professionals I hire to make sure everything gets done) and this is one of those companies. I don’t have to chase them or watch over every little detail. Just knowing that everything is so (incredibly) organized and running seamlessly is awesome! I don’t have to worry about my accounts and I can focus on what I do best. Oh, and just when you think your request is an impossible one to fulfill… they come up with a solution.

Beau Maxwell
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I have been working with Jeff and his team at 4Spot for many years. One of the best things about their services is that they make themselves available to take the time to get to know your business and project goals intimately before making recommendations. They know there is no such thing as “one size fits all,” and they make sure to arm themselves with the information they need to make you successful before they start recommending this or that strategy. It’s very refreshing to work with a company that is not trying to fit you into a pre-determined mold, but it actually tweaking their offerings to serve you personally. That’s my personal philosophy as I serve my members and clients through the Indie Business Network and the Maker Mastermind Business Accelerator and I’m happy to work with a service provider who shares my personal belief in the power of the personal touch. I highly recommend!

Donna Maria Johnson, donnamaria.com

Thank you so much! This is the first time I’ve been able to do anything in Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft by Keap) that makes sense. I’m no longer frustrated because I feel like I’m wasting my money. I have you to thank for that.
I can’t believe the difference between this experience with training and the first one. I never got a single recording of the zoom meetings or a step by step guide like this.

Yours truly,

Duquesa Dean, DuquesaDean.com
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Jeff and his team are true experts, and they’ve helped me completely re-align and upgrade my Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft by Keap) system in a way that’s organized, makes sense, and will serve me in the future. It was a complete mess from previous “helpers” who did not know what they’re doing. I wholeheartedly recommend Jeff and his team – especially Katrina, who is an absolute wizard.

Lion Goodman
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Jeff Arnold is incredible. His ability to understand Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft by Keap) is quite fascinating and I could not believe how quickly he could analyze any issues within our campaigns. I wish we knew him when we first started because he performs very well with regards to educating clients and knows how to make sense of what clients may not necessarily be able to grasp. I would highly recommend Jeff for any help with marketing campaigns and strategies!

Kristi Heffernan
Marketing Specialist at Apex

I have worked with Jeff of 4 spot marketing since it’s inception. The team at 4 spot keep our business optimized on all platforms. Consistently in the top 4 or 5 listing. Response time on questions or needs is blazing fast like almost immediate. Their portfolio of services is deeper than my needs and I would be confident in using any of those services if needed.

Joseph Ziemba

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Very professional and easy to work with. Quick to respond to our request for updates and additions. After looking around at many companies to build jewelry specific websites, we found them to be the fairest price.

Floyd and Green Jewelers
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Since April 2016, each year, I’ve seen a 40% increase (solid). The website is responsible for driving 80% of my new business leads. PA, NJ, NY, VA, MD, DEL, AL, KY, FLA. Life is good.
Yours truly,

Ryan The BugMan
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I’ve been working with Jeff Arnold and 4Spot Marketing since 2013 and couldn’t be happier.
I’ve dealt with several people in the website development and management business, however none that gave me the level of service, consulting and quick replies that Jeff and his team does.
In addition, within two weeks of the launch of our new website, my rankings all went to #1 in Google and we haven’t looked back!
I highly recommend 4Spot Marketing for a small business person who wants a great web and/or internet marketing partner.

Richard Goldberg
Marshal’s Jewelers
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I was referred to Jeff and 4Spot Marketing to help with an Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft by Keap) Campaign I needed help with. Within an hour, he was not only able to get the campaign up and running correctly, but also gave me a few suggestions to make it work even better. Many times, even with the great videos Keap provides, we need an expert’s help. Next time, I’ll save myself hours of watching the videos and trying to figure it out myself and just consult with Jeff. Every time I do, he replies very quickly with instructions on how to improve the campaign.
Yours truly,

Grant D. Robinson,
President of People Values
Author of Books on Recruiting, Hiring & Developing Top Performers

I run a small law firm in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and Katrina Mashack has been helping me with the three onboarding calls provided by Keap.
I have been so blown away by Katrina that I asked her who I could write to about my experience and she provided your contact information.
I just wanted to say that her enthusiasm is contagious and she made what I expected to be a very dry, boring experience genuinely fun.
To be honest, I was on the fence about Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft by Keap) prior to speaking with her.
Katrina turned that around and is slowly converting me to an Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft by Keap) fanatic. In the two onboarding calls that I have had with her she has been patient, understanding, incredibly knowledgeable, and most importantly just a genuinely nice human being.
Yours truly,

W.E. Weston Powell
Powell Litigation, Toronto, ON
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5 Stars – Thumbs Up. Whatever indicates “great job”, that’s what I want to say. Jeff and his team helped us build an end-to-end system for the national launch of our eliquid brands. They did it all. They did the website design, SEO, integrated the ecommerce system with Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft by Keap), set up product fulfillment and shipping integration, and configured a way to monitor the customer experience and build repeat business.
One of the best parts was that they made the entire process simple and set up our dashboard for complete tracking. With the internal forms, we just click a button and it moves the person through our pipeline, and with the dashboard, we can see exactly what we have to do that day and where everyone is in our pipeline. I highly recommend Jeff and his team. They were amazing.
Yours truly,

Michael Manley
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We Switched to 4Spot Marketing a few months back and have been absolutely pleased with there work. They have made huge leaps with our website and are a pleasure to work with.

Brenda Ware
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The term expert is often used lightly; however, in this case the classification is completely appropriate. The level of skill exhibited by Jeff Arnold and his team while working on my company’s Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft by Keap) projects was amazing.
Yours truly,

Matt Ball
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Jeff has been essential in helping organize a very messy system. He’s helped us minimize what used to take multiple steps to complete actions into simple check and save forms that even I can’t mess up! The Wishlist/Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft by Keap) integration we have actually works the way it is supposed to and we continue to work together to find holes in our system which he can improve on. Finding Jeff was a lifesaver!
Yours truly,

Jennifer Smith
Owner & Operator, Eco-Office Gals
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I could not ask for a better marketing company. I will literally think of something that needs to be done and before I can even email them to ask for it to be completed….it is done. 4 spot is always two steps ahead of myself. Love the friendly service and the willingness to fix my mistakes on without hesitation. Thanks for always being there for Your balance Sheet, you are truly appreciated.
Yours truly,

Jessica Sommerseth
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The choices available when considering website design are overwhelming.
One of my fears at the beginning of the process was that our website wouldn’t reflect the personality of our business. Jeff was very willing to explore our ideas, and helped to develop them.
He was fantastic to work with in every aspect of the process.
A website is always a work in progress. His availability and quick response to changes/updates I request is outstanding. He also has been very helpful in teaching me some basics on making blog posts, updating inventory etc. and always ready and willing to answer my questions.
I highly recommend Jeff Arnold and 4 Spot Marketing.
Yours truly,

Amy Beeghly
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We have been working with Jeff and his team for the past four years. The experience has been nothing short of fantastic for everything we’ve done with them. Excellent service, excellent price, and excellent people. Our site is now SEO optimized and the new, mobile platform works great with today’s consumers. We would absolutely recommend their services.

Dale & Sandra Locken
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4 Spot marketing just completed our website and I am very happy with results… Jeff worked closely with me and made all of the changes that I bothered him everyday with.. He was easy to work with and we are still working with little things I want to add or change and he completes them quickly. My SEO is better with my new website as well. I would highly recommend 4 Spot Marketing to build a website.. They do a great job!
Yours truly,

Stacey Brooks
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As a small business owner, I needed to hire a company to help me with my website, SEO and email marketing so I could focus on content creation. The support I received at 4Spot Marketing exceeded my hopes and expectations. They offer tremendous value at competitive rates, with friendly service! I am recommending 4Spot Marketing to all of my friends / fellow business owners!

Jaclyn Kelly
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I’ve used 4Spot Marketing for programming & SEO services for my sole proprietorship. Being the CEO of a small business means wearing a ton of hats, especially when your business (makeup/hair/skincare) has nothing to do with technology! When I found 4Spot, I was SO relieved! From the start, they truly LISTENED to me…I explained my business and my tech needs, & they made recommendations, explained pricing, told me what I could expect, and then delivered expertly on their offering. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

Liz Babb

I just finished up working with Katrina Mashack. She was incredible to work with! I felt very comfortable with her and was able to find answers to all my questions. She is personable, resourceful, full of knowledge and gave me so many ideas on how to best utilise this tool! Having coaching on the product was what sold into purchasing and I wasn’t disappointed. I feel like I received so much info and support and even though there is so much more to learn, I know that I am not left hanging. I have been impressed with the continuing contact and helpful tips I keep receiving. Thank you for a great transition period!

Tara Green

Thank you Jeff for creating a beautiful website for us! If we could give you 6 stars, we would! Jeff is a talented web designer and helped us tremendously.

Ilana Levi Bitlisli
Golden Castle Jewelers
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Jeff and 4 Spot Marketing have done great things for us and our website. We are always first on Google in our market area. Thanks to 4 Spot they make it easy to navigate our site and making any changes is always with ease. Thanks Jeff.

Greg Raskin
Raskin’s Jewelers

Originally posted on Google

Before I got my new website, I didn’t rank at all. Now, I’m #1 in Google and I take up the first 6 spots on the page!

David Hartman
Hartman Jewelers
Originally posted on Google

4Spot Marketing has done an amazing job with our web page placement. I am extremely happy with their service and appreciate how quick they are to respond to requests.

Kristal Dufour
Originally posted on Google

4Spot did an excellent job in updating our website. They are very easy to work with and respond quickly to any comments or questions.
Jeff is extremely professional and we will work with them again as our needs change and grow.

Andy Gabel
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I just hired 4Spot Marketing to help with my business. In a short period of time, my ranking moved up; I do appreciate their promptness to reply back to my e-mails and always available to answer any questions. Jeff has been great! So far, I am very pleased with their work!

Leticia R.
Originally posted on Google

Jeff Arnold is very easy to work with. He has extensive knowledge of of website and social media utilization. His help has been an asset to our business.

Susan Harrison
Originally posted on Google

Katrina redefines the term ‘Rockstar’…beyond helpful with my company’s best interest and not her own

Wes Matthews

Good responsiveness, high-quality product. Am currently using for a second website.

Matt Hudkins
Originally posted on Google

Been working with Jeff at 4Spot for years. He is great to work with.

Michele Rohn
Originally posted on Google

Fantastic Experience. I had my website re-created so as to be fully optimized for mobile viewing, and 4SpotMarketing was fantastic to work with. Great work at a reasonable price. Most of all, they were very patient and willing to work with me on my numerous, constant (and occasionally petty) requests for changes. Definitely recommend!

Brian Miller
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We have been working with Jeff and his team for the past four years. The experience has been nothing short of fantastic for everything we’ve done with them. Excellent service, excellent price, and excellent people. Our site is now SEO optimized and the new, mobile platform works great with today’s consumers. We would absolutely recommend their services.

Dale and Sandra Locken
Originally posted on Google

Thank you so much for taking the time to chat with me yesterday. It was very helpful and I’m very excited to implement your suggestions. You really went above and beyond by working with me during your holiday. I was also really impressed by your knowledge of Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft by Keap) and your ability to communicate that in terms that a non-techie like myself could understand.
Have a great New Year!

Marc Ryan

One of the nice things with 4Spot Marketing is the instructions they leave along with notices. For example they were streamlining one of our inquiry forms, left a note it was not configured for a newsletter opt in option.
They work fast, are response and get very clear what they are to do before they start. A stellar company and service.

Mark Laurie
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Jeff and his team are great! They are quick to respond to questions I have and to help with updates. Jeff is great with suggestions and ideas on advertising our business better. Definitely give Jeff and his team a try!

Jae Lehew
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Jeff did a great job designing my website and his SEO services have pushed us to be on the top of our online searches. Thanks again Jeff 🙂

Aloha Orthodontics
Originally posted on Google

Always quick to respond to any requests that we had.

Omega Diamond Jewelers
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Katrina was more than helpful! Not only was she knowledgeable but she was able to breakdown multiple areas in a very clear concise way that I could understand and can now duplicate on my own time. She gave me and my issues her undivided attention which as a business owner I have learned to appreciate on many different levels. I would refer her to anyone who asks and I will request her services whenever possible moving forward.

Jejuan Plair

Thank you Katrina, I cannot say enough about your helping me get into my Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft by Keap) app. You patiently guided me through setting up a funnel and showed me “the ropes”. Bottom line you helped me develop the confidence to go on into the app and have a “good time” rather than feeling I’m in a wrestling match. Sincerely,

Andrew Finkelstein
BMX Worldwide

Katrina Mashack has been working with me to help me understand the “workings” of Keap Max Classic (formerly Infusionsoft by Keap) for several sessions and she has proven to be far above average. Her passion for the subject matter is infectious. She is extremely patient and encouraging. She validates what I am grasping and gently guides me through what I may be taking longer to understand.
She took time to get to know me and my needs for the service and then crafted an action plan that secured my interest and attention. She spends time explaining new terminology and techniques to me in an empowering manner, which creates a desire to be attentive to her wisdom even more.
Katrina Mashack is a skillful instructor and gifted in people relation skills. She is one of the best coaches I have worked with.
It is with heartfelt gratitude that I share my experience with Katrina. It was my pleasure working with Katrina Mashack and I give her my highest recommendation. She delivers valuable knowledge and understanding in an inspiring and empowering manner.

Warmest Regards,

Linda Michelle
CEO Be IN Courage
CEO and Founder Elegant Doves International, Inc.

I am not a technical person, and the complexities of software integration escape me completely. I would have canceled my subscription and written off the loss of it wasn’t for Katrina’s help. She is the best! Trust her, she knows what she’s doing 🙂
Thank you!

Michael Landrum
Sr. Mortgage Consultant
Answer Home Loans

Jeff was fantastic. When others couldn’t help me solve my problem, Jeff was able to. He was extremely kind and competent and got me where I was trying to get to. I appreciate Jeff very much.

Christopher Earley, Esq.
Law Office of Christopher Earley

Katrina. I wanted to appreciate very much your effort and support to help me get started with Keap Pro.
You level of expertise, professionalism and amazing attitude make it really easy to learn and implement specially for someone like me – a leader focusing on running our business.
I feel that with your help I am able to gain the speed I needed to leverage from Keap Pro.

Thank you!

Aquiles Nunez
Quantum Growth Advisors HMG, Inc.

Katrina was very friendly and knowledgeable. After a few minutes, I felt I’d had known her for a long time. She is energetic and explains difficult concepts clearly!

Mike Bergida
Keller Williams Realty