Hey all:

Just had this issue and it was driving me batty! I had done everything were supposed to do but could not get my client’s Fb Lead Ads connected to Zapier so that I could feed to the CRM. Tried everything in Zapier and even inside the Zapier connector directly inside Fb.

Checked with support and they gave me the answer. Said it was something that they were seeing more and more often, so I thought I’d share the solution here, in case anyone was looking (also sharing on my blog).

My issue was that Zapier was not seeing my client’s Fb page or Lead Ad account at all. I tried connecting/disconnecting the Fb Lead Ad account, etc. Here is my support request:

I can’t get Fb lead ads connected at all. I’ve tried everything — using Zapier directly and using Zapier inside the Fb page. It is [client] page. Screenshot shows that I’m advertiser in Agency and Admin as personal — what is listed as required for the integration. I’ve connected/disconnected my Fb multiple times after I’ve been granted admin rights (they did that the other day and I’ve con/discon multiple times since then). Their page never shows up in my dropdown. I’ve even gone through the Fb embedded Zapier connection inside the Fb page and nothing comes up. I’ve tried using Custom Data and putting in the Fb lead ad Form ID, but no luck. Nothing seems to be working with getting this client’s system connected. Please help.

They came back with the following answer that worked like a charm:

Thanks for reaching out — happy to help! I’ve seen this happen recently where the Facebook Pages that you’re an Admin on aren’t updated — thankfully, it’s a pretty quick fix. If you go here: https://www.facebook.com/settings?tab=business_tools and remove Zapier, then reconnect your Facebook Lead Ads account here: https://zapier.com/app/settings/authorizations it’ll refresh your Facebook Permissions.

Hopefully some of you find this useful!