With 2018 just a few days away, explore the updates anticipated for the New Year. Adding these tips to your list of business resolutions will help you get a head start on your upcoming marketing strategies.

  1. Accomplish more in less time.
    Smart Bidding has been added to help marketers bid both more efficiently and effectively. The feature uses Google’s machine learning, automatically setting the optimal bid for every single auction. Bids are tailored to the user’s unique circumstances, including location, time, device, language, browser type and other bidding signals. You will now be able to manage your automated bids more effectively, increasing productivity.
  2. Try out the new features.
    The new AdWords update is crammed with innovative features like new audience pages, promotion extensions, free attribution products and ad variations that advertisers have found to be very promising for improving performance. You will also notice there are new shortcuts like pushing “G” and then “T” allows you to navigate along any page found in your account, so you can choose which data you receive in a more timely manner.
  3. Stay updated.
    Stay in the know with the AdWords app. You can sign up to receive prompt alerts notifying you of issues with your account. You also have the ability to pause campaigns and fine tune bids and budgets. Working with keywords has been made simple. You can now add, edit and remove keywords with ease. The AdWords app is currently available for download on Android or iOS.
  4. Test more often.
    Testing and optimizing is an important aspect of your job as a digital marketer. If you wish to optimize your AdWords account, testing is critical. There are two major reasons you might perform testing for your AdWords campaign. One reason is to test your ads to optimize effectiveness directly. This step is mandatory to ensure your campaign is performing at an optimum level. To see an increase return on ad spending, it is wise to use campaign drafts and experimentation to efficiently explore new strategies. This method saves precious time when compared to manual trials.
  5. Reach more consumers.
    Did you know that the search term “where to buy” grew by more than 80% for mobile searches during the past two years. This is why it is imperative that consumers are able to find your business both online and when they are on the move. Location extensions allow you to attach your business address, business hours, a map pointing out your location, and more to your ads. You are also able to reach and bid higher for individuals who are located in your area specifically.
  6. Learn the “Days to Conversion” metric.
    Google has introduced another tool within its new AdWords segment called the “Days to Conversion” metric. This highly useful tool basically shows advertisers approximately how long it will take for users to convert once they click on an ad. Of course, not every ad will result in an automatic conversion. Even though it may not be immediate, doesn’t mean that ad won’t eventually lead to a conversion. The “Days to Conversion” metric gives advertisers the ability to track the amount of time a conversion will take. This tool gives an estimated number of days you can anticipate waiting between that first initial click and the prospective conversion predicted by prior campaign activity. This feature gives you vital information that will allow you to make an informed decision on when you should show patience with an ad and when to just give up and throw in the towel.