How to Connect Your Account to Make

Step 1: Sign Up for a Account

  • Register for Free: Head to the Sign Up page and complete the registration process. It’s free and easy!
  • Locate Your Unique API Key: Once registered, access your dashboard. Your API key can be found here – it’s a unique token that grants access to your account. Treat it like a password.

⚠️ IMPORTANT: Please be cautious and avoid sharing your API key with others to ensure the security of your account.

Step 2: Connect to Make

  • Log in to If you’re not already logged in, access your account.
  • Copy Your API Key: In your dashboard, locate and click on ‘Your API Key’. This will display your unique key. Copy it to your clipboard.
  • Head to Make: Transition over to the Make platform.
  • Set the Scenario: Within Make, click the ‘Create New Scenario’ button, typically found at the top right.
  • Initiate the Connection: Find the module and select ‘Create a connection’. This action will bring up a dialog box.
  • Provide Connection Details:
    • Name Your Connection: Enter a descriptive name in the ‘Connection name’ field.
    • Input the API Key: In the designated field, paste the API key you copied from
  • Complete the Connection: Press ‘Continue’ to finalize the setup.

That’s it! Your Make platform is now connected with This allows you to convert documents and images to and from PDF efficiently within Make.