vape-shop-seo-success-story-4spotmarketing-vape-graphSEO is a critical component to a vape shop’s online marketing.  Google bans the advertising of vape shops and vaping products since they are classified as ‘tobacco’ products, so the only way you can be sure to have a presence in the search engines is to be sure that you are showing up in the organic search results.

Here is an example of a vape shop that we got to the top of Google very quickly.  They only wanted to do a short-term campaign, but during that time we increased their overall Internet search engine visibility by more than 5x!

In the graph to the right, you can see the huge boost that they got when we started our SEO campaign, and in the numeric images, you can see the huge boost we had to the specific phrases.


SEO Ranks – Before

SEO Ranks – After